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Brand: Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltds Model: Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd's
Product DetailsAmbulance stretcher trolley Technical Parameters: ► Full Size (LxWxH): 1900x550x850mm ► Lowest Size: 1900x550x240mm ► Back-rest Adjustment: 0-70° ► Net Weight: 36.8kg ► Safe Working Load: 159kg ..
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Brand: SPI Model: SPI
The latest innovation in CPR technology The BARIBOARD enables the rescuers to deliver more effective compressions then ever before, by simply reducing surface area Bariboard's raised surface is contoured to the large patients' physical characteristics supporting the spine and decreasing surface area..
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Brand: Jiangsu Saikang Model: Jiangsu Saikang
Product Overview Body Transport bags●Function: storage of corpses●Size: L2200*W800mm ●Material: PEVA ●Safe load bearing: 200kg●Thickness: 0.2mm ●Handle: 6●Zipper: optional straight zipper or U-shaped zipper●Configuration: 1. PEVA is biodegradable and will not har..
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Brand: Jiangsu Saikang Model: Saikang
PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONSKB040(A002) Low Price Foldable Emergency Stretcher *The stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and the waterproof canvas fabric* The stretcher can be folded in length and width, easy for transportation and storage* The fabric is fireproof..
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Product Overview Scoop stretcher Technical Parameters:►Full Size (LxWxH): 2200x420x70mm►Folded Size (LxWxH): 1660x420x70mm►Net Weight: 8.5kg ►Load Bearing: 159kg..
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**Ergonomic design helps users work quickly and safely **All-aluminum construction is lightweight and durable..
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Brand: Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltds Model: Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd's
Product DetailsScoop stretcher Technical Parameters: ► Full Size (LxWxH): 2200x420x70mm ► Folded Size (LxWxH): 1660x420x70mm ► Net Weight: 8.5kg ► Load Bearing: 159kg ..
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Brand: Jiangsu Saikang Model: Saikang
Technical Parameters: ►Lowest Size: 1900x550x260mm ►Back-rest Adjustment: 0-70° ►Net Weight: 36.8kg ►Safe Working Load: 159kg..
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1000 lb. load capacity. Impervious to all bodily fluids. 100% X-ray translucent...
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Product Overview SKB-1A Spine board Technical Parameters:►Full Size (LxWxH): 1830x450x50mm►This spine board with safe belts is made of PE material with no discharge contaminator, and firmness to wear►This plastic spine board provided by our company also can be used as a floatable devi..
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Product OverviewStretcher StrapsAdjustable belt to stabilize the patient during transport procedures Patient strap for use on spinal boards, pick up stretchers or other types of fastening Quick release buckle Nylon hook to ensure maximum safety Bright orange colour. ..
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