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Chemistry analyzers

Chemistry analyzers
Chemistry analyzers
Brand: Awareness Technology, Inc Model: Awareness Technology
Product OverviewThe ChemWell-T iCS 4625 is an automated, closed system PC-controlled biochemistry analyzer that is preprogrammed to run all i-chem reagents and includes a customized insulated labeled rack for easy identification and placement of reagents. It has a maximum throughput of up to 100 t..
89,700.00 SAR
Ex Tax:78,000.00 SAR
Brand: Snibe Co. Ltd. Model: Snibe Diagnostic
Product OverviewMaglumi 800Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Check for COVID-19 clinical markersFerritin, PCT, CRP, hsTnI, D Dimer, Beta-2 microglobulin Throughput: 180 tests/hour Random access, batch mode or STAT Non-enzyme involve flash chemiluminescence Long stability..
119,600.00 SAR
Ex Tax:104,000.00 SAR
Brand: Biosystem Model: Biosystem
A15 is a compact and easy-to-use automatic analyzer, designed especially for small laboratories as their main analyzer offers the best performance and maximum efficiency. The A15 is easily adaptable to any work routine due to the flexibility in the installation of samples and reagents.A15's pe..
76,000.00 SAR 76,000.00 SAR
Ex Tax:76,000.00 SAR
AU480 Chemistry AnalyzerCompact, reliable and cost-effectivePut the power of versatility to work for your lab with a smart and efficient clinical chemistry analyzer solution. The AU480 chemistry analyzer is the ideal primary clinical chemistry analyzer for low- to mid-volume hospitals and labora..
443,192.75 SAR
Ex Tax:385,385.00 SAR
Brand: Core Model: Core
MEASUREMENT: 150 tests/hour. RATES: Maximum incubation + reading time: 900 seconds Typical precision, endpoint 2.0 CV% / kinetic 2.0 CV%SAMPLE TRAY: Sample positions:10. Type: 75 mm height tubesCUVETTES Single use of reaction cuvettes 94 BIONEX cuvettes (devided in 4 segments)From smart Execut..
101,660.00 SAR
Ex Tax:88,400.00 SAR
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