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Chemistry analyzers

Chemistry analyzers
Chemistry analyzers
Brand: Awareness Technology, Inc Model: Awareness Technology, Inc
Product OverviewThe ChemWell-T iCS 4625 is an automated, closed system PC-controlled biochemistry analyzer that is preprogrammed to run all i-chem reagents and includes a customized insulated labeled rack for easy identification and placement of reagents. It has a maximum throughput of up to 100 t..
69,000.00 SAR
Ex Tax:60,000.00 SAR
Brand: Snibe Co. Ltd. Model: Snibe Co. Ltd.
Product OverviewMaglumi 800Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Check for COVID-19 clinical markersFerritin, PCT, CRP, hsTnI, D Dimer, Beta-2 microglobulin Throughput: 180 tests/hour Random access, batch mode or STAT Non-enzyme involve flash chemiluminescence Long stability of r..
92,000.00 SAR
Ex Tax:80,000.00 SAR
Brand: Core Model: Core
MEASUREMENT: 150 tests/hour. RATES: Maximum incubation + reading time: 900 seconds Typical precision, endpoint 2.0 CV% / kinetic 2.0 CV%SAMPLE TRAY: Sample positions:10. Type: 75 mm height tubesCUVETTES Single use of reaction cuvettes 94 BIONEX cuvettes (devided in 4 segments)From smart Execut..
101,660.00 SAR
Ex Tax:88,400.00 SAR
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