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Histology and Pathology Equipment

Histology and Pathology Equipment
Histology / Pathology Equipment
Brand: Slee
Base moulds (stainless steel) 30 mm x 24 mm x 7 mm (12 pcs.)..
260.00 SAR
Ex Tax:260.00 SAR
Brand: Slee Model: Slee
Modification of MTP to 9 POM beakers and 3 heated paraffin beakers - Modification of MTP to 2 transport basket holder - Modification of MTP to 2 transport baskets (stainless steel) - Increased capacity of up to 240 cassettes per run Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany..
14,692.86 SAR
Ex Tax:12,776.40 SAR
Model: StatLab
Product OverviewStains for argentaffin cells, granules, carcinoid tumors, and melanin in 60 minutes.Argentaffin cells possess the ability to bind and reduce silver to a visible metal without requiring a reducing agent, allowing this stain to be performed with fewer steps than other silver stains..
1,979.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,979.00 SAR
Brand: Slee Model: Slee
CUT 4062Manual rotary precision microtomeThe SLEE medical manual rotary precision microtome CUT 4062 is designed for all applications in routine, research, or industry. Years of experience and customer input have contributed to creating one of the best manual microtomes being available. The CUT ..
53,820.00 SAR
Ex Tax:46,800.00 SAR
Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Product OverviewEpredia™ Plastic Block Filing Cabinet Simple filing of up to 1500 blocks. Epredia™ Plastic Block Filing Cabinets feature smooth sliding action and rigid construction.Six drawers included Total Capacity of 1500 blocks Dimensions: 19.7 × 6.3 × 20.5 in. (50 × 16 × 52cm)..
2,101.05 SAR
Ex Tax:1,827.00 SAR
5 Set (consist of 2 pcs. active carbon filter plastic bag and 1 funnel)..
3,650.79 SAR
Ex Tax:3,174.60 SAR
Brand: Epredia Model: E43/25
Product OverviewEpredia™ RA Lamb Slide Filing Location Slips, whiteIdentify the location of slides removed from cabinets with detailed Epredia™ RA Lamb Slide Filing Location Slips.Color WhitePackaged in booklets of 100 slips..
469.43 SAR
Ex Tax:408.20 SAR
Brand: Thermo Scientific Model: Thermo Scientific
Separate slides while drying with Thermo Scientific™ Spring Spacers. Slides fit into slide filing cabinet drawers. Available in several varieties.Varieties:7-drawer cabinet 14-drawer cabinet MINI 14-drawer cabinet Colorstack cabinets..
83.72 SAR
Ex Tax:72.80 SAR
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