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Histology and Pathology Equipment

Histology and Pathology Equipment
Histology / Pathology Equipment
Brand: Slee
Base moulds (stainless steel) 30 mm x 24 mm x 7 mm (12 pcs.)..
260.00 SAR
Ex Tax:260.00 SAR
Brand: Slee Model: Slee
Modification of MTP to 9 POM beakers and 3 heated paraffin beakers - Modification of MTP to 2 transport basket holder - Modification of MTP to 2 transport baskets (stainless steel) - Increased capacity of up to 240 cassettes per run Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany..
14,692.86 SAR
Ex Tax:12,776.40 SAR
Model: StatLab
Product OverviewStains for argentaffin cells, granules, carcinoid tumors, and melanin in 60 minutes.Argentaffin cells possess the ability to bind and reduce silver to a visible metal without requiring a reducing agent, allowing this stain to be performed with fewer steps than other silver stains..
1,979.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,979.00 SAR
Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Product OverviewEpredia™ Plastic Block Filing Cabinet Simple filing of up to 1500 blocks. Epredia™ Plastic Block Filing Cabinets feature smooth sliding action and rigid construction.Six drawers included Total Capacity of 1500 blocks Dimensions: 19.7 × 6.3 × 20.5 in. (50 × 16 × 52cm)..
2,101.05 SAR
Ex Tax:1,827.00 SAR
5 Set (consist of 2 pcs. active carbon filter plastic bag and 1 funnel)..
3,650.79 SAR
Ex Tax:3,174.60 SAR
Brand: Epredia Model: E43/25
Product OverviewEpredia™ RA Lamb Slide Filing Location Slips, whiteIdentify the location of slides removed from cabinets with detailed Epredia™ RA Lamb Slide Filing Location Slips.Color WhitePackaged in booklets of 100 slips..
469.43 SAR
Ex Tax:408.20 SAR
Brand: Thermo Scientific Model: Thermo Scientific
Separate slides while drying with Thermo Scientific™ Spring Spacers. Slides fit into slide filing cabinet drawers. Available in several varieties.Varieties:7-drawer cabinet 14-drawer cabinet MINI 14-drawer cabinet Colorstack cabinets..
83.72 SAR
Ex Tax:72.80 SAR
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