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Thermo & Humidity meter

Thermo & Humidity meter
Thermo & Humidity meter
Model: 0720AGHVG
Product OverviewKestrel DROP D2AG Livestock Heat Stress MonitorLivestock heat stress can cause serious health issues in your valuable livestock as well as reduced performance and productivity. Stay informed of heat conditions in the barn or during transport with the Kestrel D2AG Livestock He..
575.00 SAR
Ex Tax:500.00 SAR
Model: 1601-0044
Product OverviewEBI 20-T1 standard temperature data loggerwith internal humidity sensor With a memory capacity of 40,000 measurements the easy to use EBI 20 data loggers are suitable for the continuous documentation and monitoring of temperature and humidity. All EBI 20 data loggers are del..
4,025.00 SAR
Ex Tax:3,500.00 SAR
Model: NK Kestrel
Product OverviewKestrel DROP D2 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data LoggerKnow your temperature and humidity conditions anywhere with the small, rugged Kestrel DROP D2 Temperature and Humidity LoggerThe Kestrel DROP syncs with your smartphone and tablet.The EASIEST way to monitor an..
940.70 SAR
Ex Tax:818.00 SAR
Brand: Lmb Technologie Model: Lmb Technologie
Fully automatic benchtop sealer, designed for PVC tubes, both of blood bags and apheresis kits. Suitable for different types and sizes of tubes between 2.5 and 6 mm (0.1-0.24”) outer diameter. It can be used as a standalone sealer, as well as in combination with other units (usually 6).Chara..
29,152.50 SAR
Ex Tax:25,350.00 SAR
Model: Shockwatch
Product OverviewThe TempU 03 Temperature and Humidity Multiuse USB Data Logger is the perfect tool for cold-chain monitoring and documentation of temperature and relative humidity conditions that are critical in laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical, storage, freezers, coolers, shipping containers..
529.00 SAR
Ex Tax:460.00 SAR
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