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Environment & Material Lab

Environment & Material Lab
Product OverviewKestrel DROP D2AG Livestock Heat Stress MonitorLivestock heat stress can cause serious health issues in your valuable livestock as well as reduced performance and productivity. Stay informed of heat conditions in the barn or during transport with the Kestrel D2AG Livestock Heat S..
575.00 SAR
Ex Tax:500.00 SAR
Product OverviewEBI 20-T1 standard temperature data loggerwith internal humidity sensor With a memory capacity of 40,000 measurements the easy to use EBI 20 data loggers are suitable for the continuous documentation and monitoring of temperature and humidity. All EBI 20 data loggers are delivere..
4,025.00 SAR
Ex Tax:3,500.00 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: 2569700
Product OverviewThe Total Coliform MEL Laboratory is developed for analysts who require microbiology testing on a small or portable scale. This MEL has everything you need to undertake microbiological analysis, from a remote field location to a small scale microbiology lab within your existing l..
42,320.00 SAR 42,320.00 SAR
Ex Tax:36,800.00 SAR
Product OverviewBESANTEK Oxygen Gas Detector - BST-MG01O2 BESANTEK Oxygen Gas Detector is applied to Underground Coal Mine, Petrochemical Industry, Municipal, Environmental Protection and other spaces where explosive and toxic gases may exist.Features Rugged ABS+ PC case, heavy duty and crash re..
1,127.00 SAR
Ex Tax:980.00 SAR
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