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Glassware and Plasticwares, Others

Glassware and Plasticwares, Others
Glassware , Plasticwares and Others 
Model: Goldshine Aluminum Foil Co
Product OverviewAluminium Foil 500 GFeaturesMaterial: Aluminiumm Foil Rolling Characteristics: Rolling Surface State: Single Light Aluminum Foil Thickness: From 9mic to 20mic Treatment: Embossed Temper: Soft Type: Roll..
172.50 SAR
Ex Tax:150.00 SAR
Product OverviewArsenic limit test apparatusThe two part apparatus is designed to hold a test paper between two flat ground flanges that are held together by two spiral springs. The lower tube part has a 19/26 ground glass joint suitable for fitting a 100 ml conical flask. The gases evolved from..
1,150.00 SAR 2,185.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,000.00 SAR
Brand: Glassco Model: Glassco
Bend With VentSocket : 24/29 Cone : 24/29 Pcs/Pack : 1..
37.38 SAR
Ex Tax:32.50 SAR
Model: ST16401-47-06-V-K
Product OverviewBiosart® 100 Monitors green | dark green | 100 ml Polystyrene | Packaged in trays, steril Color Grid Color: green dark green Volume: 100 ml Funnel material: Polystyrene Packaging: Packaged in trays, sterile Pore size: 0,45 µm Membrane material: Cellulose nitrate (CN) (cellulose e..
1,265.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,100.00 SAR
Brand: Labbox Model: Labbox
Suitable for rod diameters from 9 to 16 mm..
28.41 SAR
Ex Tax:24.70 SAR
Brand: Glassco
Product OverviewClamp Retort 2 Prong Euro Design PVC sleeve with boss head    2 Prong to hold upto 80 mm Spring tube, double keys Rod with dia 7.5 mm & Length 235 mm Material Zinc Alloy, pressure diecasted, Chrome Coated Freely swivel, bosshead lockable at 360°C for 14 mm grip..
43.79 SAR
Ex Tax:38.08 SAR
Brand: Labbox
Product OverviewConnection Tube With Three Parallel Necks, 29/32Made of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3central joint ST/NS: 29/32 ..
147.20 SAR
Ex Tax:128.00 SAR
Brand: thomes Sci Model: thomas Sci
1.promotes neuronal cell attachment and differentiation and adhesion of transfected cell lines 2.poly-D-Lysine (PDL) are synthetic molecules used to enhance cell attachment to plastic and glass surfaces 3.Corning® BioCoat™ Poly-Lysine Cellware is a line of tissue culture vessels with a uniform appli..
1,734.20 SAR
Ex Tax:1,508.00 SAR
Brand: Corning Model: Corning
Corning Vial, Cryogenic, Internal Thread, 2.0mL, Round Self Standing,With Washer,Blue Cap, Sterile Corning cryogenic vials that researchers have come to trust for the ultralow temperature storage of valuable cell cultures, biological solutions and aqueous solutions. The superior performance of Corn..
4,200.95 SAR
Ex Tax:3,653.00 SAR
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