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Electrophoresis Equipment

Electrophoresis Equipment
Electrophoresis Equipment
Product Overview  One Kb Plus DNA ladder is composed of 20 highly purified, double-stranded DNA bands spanning 100bp to 12,000bp. This ladder has 12 evenly spaced bands ranging from 1Kb to 12Kb, quick orientation band at 1,650bp that forms distinct doublet with 2Kb band, and seven bands of round siz..
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Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Sharp, clear bands—chromatography purified fragments for consistent and reliable results • Convenient—provided with 10X BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer for tracking of sample DNA migration • Precise—an exact amount of DNA in each band..
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Brand: Applied Biosystems™ Model: Applied Biosystems™
These are septa for 8-strip tubes for use on the SeqStudio genetic analyzer...
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Brand: Applied Biosystems™ Model: Thermofisher
The cathode buffer container (CBC) contains 1x running buffer to support all electrophoresis applications on the Applied Biosystems® 3500 series Genetic Analyzers. The container has two separate compartments, the left side provides the cathode buffer for electrophoresis and the right side provides f..
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Brand: Promega Model: Promega
Multiplex STR Assay for Relationship Testing and Human Identification Co-amplification and 3-color detection of 7 STR loci: LPL, F13B, FESFPS, F13A01, Penta D, Penta C and Penta E Size standard is included and hot-start Taq D The PowerPlex® CS7 System allows co-amplification and three-color detectio..
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