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Brand: Edan Model: Edan
When it comes to power, performance, innovation and flexibility – there is one ultrasound system that delivers more. Designed specifically to address the challenges of busy ultrasound environments, the Acclarix LX8 Ultrasound System features a host of design breakthroughs that make day-to-day operat..
101,000.00 SAR
Ex Tax:101,000.00 SAR
Model: SonoScape
SonoScape’s laptop style color Doppler ultrasound system is designed as the go to ultrasound in any setting. Due to its small size, light weight and impressive durability the X3V is at home anywhere, at the bedside or abroad in the field. Packed with user friendly image enhancement technology inside..
98,670.00 SAR
Ex Tax:85,800.00 SAR
Brand: Edan Model: Edan
Product OverviewColor Doppler Ultrasound U2Features and BenefitsU2​Advanced Imaging TechnologiesS​​peckle reduction technology ​Improves contrast resolution while maintaining detail resolution​​P​hase-inversion harmonic imaging​​Reduces noise and clutter for opt..
52,325.00 SAR
Ex Tax:45,500.00 SAR
Brand: IMV Model: IMV
including carry case, DICOM networking, Colour & PW Doppler..
176,066.15 SAR
Ex Tax:153,101.00 SAR
Brand: IMV Model: IMV
including carry case, DICOM, Colour & PW Doppler..
188,188.00 SAR
Ex Tax:188,188.00 SAR
Brand: IMV Model: IMV
128 element 5 - 10MHz 60mm..
650.00 SAR
Ex Tax:650.00 SAR
Quick scanning time (15 sec) Auto-positioning probes Permanent coupling pads No repeatability variation cause to fluctuation in water temperature Superior precision Colour TFT-monitor (touch screen) Easy measurement (convenient dry type) No radiation hazard..
45,500.00 SAR
Ex Tax:45,500.00 SAR
Brand: Edan Model: Edan
The U2 PE VET offers a wide range of advanced clinical applications to address all of imaging needs likeabdomen, obstetrics, small Parts, vascular, MSK, and cardiac for canine, feline, bovine, equine, ovine.Versatile clinical tools and calculations packages improve information access for clinic..
156,000.00 SAR
Ex Tax:156,000.00 SAR
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