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Brand: Mitutoyo
Product OverviewThis digimatic caliper allows you to take reliable measurements and offers you the following benefits:AOS (Advanced Onsite Sensor) induction type encoder used in top-of-the-line ABS coolant-proof calipers Thanks to the adoption of the electromagnetic induction type ABS encoder..
1,380.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,200.00 SAR
Brand: Mitutoyo
Depth bar: flat Data output: No Mass: 194 g Digital step: 0,0005"/0,01 mm Max. response speed: Unlimited Battery life: Appr. 5 years under normal use ORIGIN (ABS-Zero): Yes ON/OFF: Yes ZERO/ABS: Yes Low voltage alarm: Yes..
2,765.75 SAR
Ex Tax:2,405.00 SAR
Brand: Mitutoyo
Product OverviewThese Digimatic calipers have carbide-tipped jaws and allow you to take reliable measurements and offer you the following benefits:Thanks to the adoption of the electromagnetic induction type ABS encoder, this caliper can be used without concern for contamination on the scale f..
5,494.70 SAR
Ex Tax:4,778.00 SAR
Brand: Mitutoyo
Product OverviewDigital ABS Height Gauge 0-300mmThis Digimatic height gauge is very precise and reliable, and offers you the following benefits:Its built-in ABSOLUTE linear encoder means you don‘t have to set the reference point at every power-on, improving reliability as over-speed errors c..
4,687.40 SAR
Ex Tax:4,076.00 SAR
Brand: Mitutoyo
Product OverviewDigital Micrometer, Inch/Metric0-1", w/o Output, Friction ThimbleItem number: 293-832-30This Standard Digimatic Micrometer is an affordable device that offers the following benefits:It is cost-effective with simplified functionality for standard applications. Extraordina..
1,725.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,500.00 SAR
Brand: Precision Systems Model: Precision Systems
Laboratory Model Freezing Point Osmometer for 10 µL samples, featuring:Smallest sample size available One button measurements Built-in Ink Based Printer No copying necessary for records retention Range: 0-2000 mOsm/kg Self-identifying, fully automatic calibration Flexible calibration..
142,025.00 SAR
Ex Tax:123,500.00 SAR
Model: Testo
Product Detailstesto 205 - a robust food penetration pH/°C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The robust penetration measuring tip is interchangeable and not affected by dirt and dust thanks to the hole diaphragm.pH meter for meat and fish Testo 205 - Instrument Kit (-..
3,450.00 SAR
Ex Tax:3,000.00 SAR
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