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Brand: ATCC Model: 19606
Product OverviewAcinetobacter baumannii Bouvet and Grimont19606™ Type strain. Quality control strain for bioMérieux VITEK and Sensititre products.Product categoryBacteriaProduct typePreceptrol cultureStrain designation2208 [81, DSM 6974]..
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Brand: HiMedia Model: GRM666-500G
Product OverviewAgar Agar, Type I (500G) Recommended for preparation of culture media for microbiological analysis.Package Size: 500 G..
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Brand: Neogen Model: Neogen
Product Overview Agar, Bacteriological No. 2 is a solidifying agent for use in preparing microbiological culture media in a laboratory setting. Agar, Bacteriological No. 2 is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions in humans.Agar is a phycocolloid extracted from a gr..
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Brand: Microbiologics, Inc Model: Microbiologics, Inc
KWIK-STIK™Clever design and accurate, repeatable results Each device features a single Aggregatibacter aphrophilus strain in a lyophilized pellet, a reservoir of hydrating fluid and inoculating swab For added convenience, a peel-off identification label is included for easy doc..
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Brand: Watin - Biolife Model: Watin Biolife
Product OverviewAlkaline Peptone Water Alkaline Peptone Water (CM1028) is for the enrichment of Vibrio cholera and Vibrio species from food, water and clinical samples. ... The 2% (w/v) sodium chloride incorporated in this medium promotes the growth of Vibrio cholerae, while the alkalinity of this..
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Brand: Neogen
Product OverviewNEOGEN® Ampouled Media, m-E. coli and Coliform NEOGEN Ampouled Media, m-E. coli and Coliform Item No.  6511 Visually differentiate E. coli and Coliform colonies Count positive results as early as 21 hours High specificity due to chromogenic reactions Ampouled m-E. coli/Coliform Bro..
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Product OverviewAnaerobic jar suitable for microbiology NACRES: NB.22Application Atmospheric Generation System. The 2.5L jar will hold up to 12 disposable plastic petri dishes. The jar′s polycarbonate base is secured to the lid by four spring loaded clips. The clips themselves allow self-venting..
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Brand: Oxoid Model: Oxoid
Oxoid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test System ST6090 Disc DispenserAn enhanced system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing incorporating the new ergonomically designed Disc Dispenser. It has a simple one-handed operation and is fully height-adjustable to cater for various depths of media. T..
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Brand: Breckland Scientific Model: Breckland Scientific
Sterile paper ring with eight tips each impregnated with a different antibiotic. Each antibiotic being identified by a colour code. Must be stored in the refrigerator. Antibiotic discs are available in the form of rings of multiple discs with 8 tips. Each tip is printed with the code of its antibiot..
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Brand: Microbiologist Model: Microbiologist
Aspergillus brasiliensis ATCC® 16404™* 6 stik Strain CharacteristicsMoldTest MethodMedia Testing, Microbial IdentificationWDCM Number00053..
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Brand: mast-group Model: Mast-Group
Individual antimicrobial susceptibility test discs in plastic dispensing cartridges containing Amoxicillin/Clavulanic Acid 20-10ug..
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Brand: mast-group Model: Mast-Group
Individual antimicrobial susceptibility test discs in plastic dispensing cartridges containing Azithromycin 15ug..
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Brand: ATCC
Product OverviewBacillus cereus Frankland and Frankland 10876™Genome sequencing strain.Product categoryBacteriaStrain designationNRRL B-569Type strainNoGenome sequenced strainYesIsolation sourceContaminated flaskApplicationsBioinformaticsProduct formatFreeze-driedSt..
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Brand: ATCC Model: 14579
Product OverviewBacillus cereus Frankland and Frankland 14579™Type strain. Produces restriction endonuclease Bce14579I. Genome sequenced strain. Product category Bacteria Product type Preceptrol culture Strain designation [BCRC 10603, CCM 2010, CCUG 7414, CIP 66.24, DSM 31, HAMB..
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