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Brand: Labbox Model: CSS3-200-002
Made of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3. Hose connector is designed for tubing Øinner 8 mm..
119.60 SAR
Ex Tax:104.00 SAR
Brand: Glassco Model: Glassco
Complies with ASTM E-438, Type-1, Class A, Boro 3.3 Glass Comes with Glass connectors and with plastic screw thread connector Highly efficient with large cooling surface Suitable for Distillation & Reflux Applications...
127.08 SAR
Ex Tax:110.50 SAR
Brand: Glassco Model: Glassco
Leibig SOCKET 24/29 CONE 24/29..
59.80 SAR
Ex Tax:52.00 SAR
Brand: Labbox
Product OverviewCondenser With Bulbed Inner Tube (Allihn) 300 mmMade of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3. Hose connector is designed for tubing Øinner 8 mmMouth  :  29/32..
271.40 SAR
Ex Tax:236.00 SAR
Brand: Gulf Scientific Glass Model: Gulf Scientific Glass
Product DetailsCondensers, Graham Coil Jacket Distillate Type, Sckt - 19/26 and Cone 19/26, 200mmNote:- *Available in ASTM neck sizes..
1,345.50 SAR
Ex Tax:1,170.00 SAR
Brand: Corning
Product OverviewPYREX™ Jacketed Reflux Condenser With 7/10 Threaded JointReplacement part for 6949M series of PYREX microchemistry kitsQuantity 2/Cs. Diameter (English) Outer 0.78 in. Standard Taper Joint No 7/10 For Use With (Equipment) Pyrex microchemistry kits Height (English) 4...
2,455.25 SAR 2,455.25 SAR
Ex Tax:2,135.00 SAR
Product OverviewLiebig Condenser With 24/40 Joints 300mm In Jacket Length With 10mm Glass Hose ConnnectionsSIMPLE DESIGN EASY SETUP----The liebig condenser is the most basic water-cooled condenser,also named “water condenser”,which consists of an inner straight tube surrounded by an outer jack..
322.00 SAR
Ex Tax:280.00 SAR
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