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Brand: Faretec Inc.
Responder Gauze treats moderate to severe wounds involving heavy blood loss. Made with high quality cotton for maximum absorption and stability. Responder Gauze is vacuum packed small for easy storage yet expands to cover large wound areas. This Gauze can be used to control hemmorrhage in conjunctio..
390.00 SAR
Ex Tax:390.00 SAR
Brand: Lianyungang Baishun Medical Model: Lianyungang Baishun Medical
Product OverviewMaterial     100% Cotton,absorbent and bleached Cotton Yarn    40s, 32s, 21s Mesh    12x8,19x9, 20x12,19x15,24x20,28x24 or as per your request Size    5*5cm,7.5*7.5cm,10*1cm ,10*20cm edges     folded and unfolded edges Layer    4ply,8ply,16ply Type    with x-ray or without can be m..
0.77 SAR
Ex Tax:0.77 SAR
Brand: Pharmaplast Model: PM10
Product OverviewPharmatull 10 X 10 Cm. Paraffin Gauze Sub Classification: Wound Treatment..
96.00 SAR
Ex Tax:96.00 SAR
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