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Product Overview[2 LBS] Dry & Dry Blue Premium Indicating Silica Gel Beads - Reusable Desiccant Beads (Industry Standard 2-4 mm) Desiccant Silica GelSilica Gel Beads contain less than 0.3% Cobalt Chloride which may pose health risk if ingested in large quantities. They can be Reactivated by Plac..
345.00 SAR
Ex Tax:300.00 SAR
Brand: Glassco Model: Glassco
115.70 SAR
Ex Tax:115.70 SAR
Brand: Fisher Model: Fisherbrand
Includes: Fisherbrand™ Sample Humidity Sponge™ Desiccant drying packets Vacuum and desiccants keep material dryPlastic container with built-in vacuum pump is ideal for drying, preserving, storing, and even shipping samples.Vacuum pump built into the top removes air with manual strokes Rubber O-..
460.46 SAR
Ex Tax:400.40 SAR
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