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Model: S.Brannan & Sons
Product DetailsMASON’S WET & DRY BULB HYGROMETERSimple psychrometer to measure water vapour in the atmosphere, on a percentage scale known as Relative Humidity (%RH) • Includes table to calculate the difference between the “wet” and “dry” bulb temperature to give the %RH readingProduct specifi..
276.00 SAR
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Brand: Thomas Scientific Model: Thomas Scientific
Relative humidity range is 25 to 95% Resolution is 1% RH Accuracy is ±2% RH mid-range to ±4% elsewhere Temperature range is 32 to 122°F and 0 to 50°C Resolution is 1° Accuracy is ±1°CUse unit with bench stand or mount on wall. Meter offers minimum..
991.19 SAR
Ex Tax:861.90 SAR
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