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Conductivity meter

Conductivity meter
Conductivity meter
Brand: HACH Model: Hach
Product OverviewDigital meter/electrode system combines reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. Rugged, nearly indestructible outdoor versions with multiple cable lengths enable measurements even at previously inaccessible locations. Intellical electrodes recognized automatically and store al..
9,717.50 SAR
Ex Tax:8,450.00 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: HACH
The digital meter/electrode system HQD combines reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. Interchangeable INTELLICAL electrodes are recognized automatically and store all relevant data.Flexible Laboratory bench multi Meter makes your testing of critical water quality parameters more efficien..
14,202.50 SAR
Ex Tax:12,350.00 SAR
Brand: HACH
Product OverviewHQ1140 Portable Dedicated Conductivity/TDS Meter with Conductivity Electrode, 1 m CableThe HQ Series is a rugged, field-ready solution with on-screen, visual step-by-step operating guidance that provides users with confidence in reporting and managing their results. Unlike other ..
9,142.50 SAR
Ex Tax:7,950.00 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: HACH
Product Overview The Hach HQ series portable pH / ORP meter is used with Intellical digital probes. This meter is compatible with Hach pH electrodes of the PHC series and ORP probes of the MTC series, in different versions (laboratory and field). The HQ1110 pH / ORP Meter automatic..
5,520.00 SAR 5,520.00 SAR
Ex Tax:4,800.00 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: HACH
Designed for your water quality applications measuring simultaneously pH and Conductivity/TDS, the Hach HQ40D portable multi meter is a two channels advanced handheld digital meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements. The Hach HQD digital multimeter combines reliability, flexibility, and ea..
23,695.75 SAR
Ex Tax:20,605.00 SAR
Brand: HACH
Product OverviewHQ4300 Portable Multi-Meter, pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), ORP, and ISE, 3 channels, w/o electrodesThe HQ Series is designed for water quality specialists that need to do electrochemical analysis in the field or in the lab. While providing an IP67 rugged..
19,034.80 SAR
Ex Tax:16,552.00 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: HACH
Product Overview The HQd Series Laboratory Multimeters are used with IntelliCAL ™ Digital Probes to measure a variety of water parameters. The meter will automatically recognize the type of sensor connected to the instrument. Measurement data can be saved and transferred to a printer, PC or..
14,375.00 SAR
Ex Tax:12,500.00 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: Hach
Product OverviewIntellical CDC401 is a digital, graphite, 4-pole conductivity cell with a temperature sensor. It is ideal for measuring conductivity, salinity, resistivity, or total dissolved solids in wastewater, drinking water, or general water quality applications.FeaturesIntellic..
2,972.06 SAR
Ex Tax:2,584.40 SAR
Brand: HACH Model: HACH
Product OverviewHach HQ430d Laboratory Multi-Meter is an advanced laboratory meter that takes guesswork out of measurements. HQD meters connect with smart IntelliCAL electrodes that automatically recognize the testing parameters. The HQD digital meter is ideal for any of the following measuremen..
11,212.50 SAR
Ex Tax:9,750.00 SAR
Brand: Thermo Scientific Model: Thermo Scientific
Thermo Scientific Orion Versa Star Pro Benchtop Meters are designed to meet your most challenging application with ease. Delivering rich functionality and features, you can optimally configure your meter system to meet changing requirements. The Orion Versa Star Pro Benchtop Meters offer interchange..
41,236.59 SAR
Ex Tax:35,857.90 SAR
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