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AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 2 Burettes, 2 Pumps

AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 2 Burettes, 2 Pumps
AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 2 Burettes, 2 Pumps

AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 2 Burettes, 2 Pumps, HACH, AT1222.97

Accurate and reliable titrations without all the costs and complications
The AT1222 is a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use instrument that simplifies complex titrations in the laboratory and can run any of the Hach Application Packs. This titrator was designed in Germany as part of the Hach Titralab® AT1000 family of automatic titrators and includes two burettes, two pumps, and two measurement inputs. The titrator is delivered to you preassembled for easy installation and does not require complex programming like other titration systems on the market. This system offers superb dependability so your lab doesn’t suffer from downtime and it’s easy to use for all skill levels, reducing operator time and training. In many cases the auto titrator will allow an operator to prepare the next sample while the instrument is performing the current measurement, thus improving lab throughput. More importantly, however, the Hach AT1222 automatic titrator eliminates manual processes and operator interpretation, significantly improving accuracy and reliability so you can trust your measurements from day today. If you perform manual titrations or are using an older automatic titrator you need Hach’s new titration system!

Application Packs
The AT1222 instrument is designed to work with any of the Hach Application Packs, but the following three can only be run on this instrument:
- pH, Alkalinity & Hardness in water (Hach p/n AP0005.AT1222)
- pH, Total Acidity & Chlorides in Food & Beverage (Hach p/n AP0011.AT1222)
- pH, Total Acidity, Free & Total SO₂ in Wine (Hach p/n AP0013.AT1222)
- As noted the AT1222 can run any application listed for the AT1102, AT1112, and AT1122
Each application pack includes a pre-programmed application that runs on the instrument as well as a set of accessories necessary to perform your titrations. Please review the specific webpage for each application pack for further details, and we suggest selecting your Application Pack before your instrument. Therefore, if you haven’t found the application pack that meets your needs on this page please enter “AT1000 Application Pack” in the search field, hit enter, and then click on the “PRODUCT FAMILY: AT1000 Application Packs” to see the full list of Hach’s AT1000 Application Packs.

Ordering Information
A base titration system consists of an Application Pack and an Instrument, so make sure you add the Application Pack and the Instrument (Hach p/n AT1222 in this case) to your Hach order. In addition, make sure you added the reagents required to perform your titration measurements when you selected your Application Pack. If you haven’t done this yet, navigate to the Application Pack specific website, review the method found under the “Parameter/Reagent” tab for a list of reagents and then select what you need under the “Consumables” tab. If you have any questions about the instrument, the application packs, or the reagents after reviewing the content on our website contact Hach Technical support. We have a great team of experts who can quickly and painlessly guide you through the process.

AT1222 Key Benefits
Accurate and Reliable Titration Results
Easy to Use for all Operators
Low Cost of Ownership
Improves Lab Safety
Low Maintenance
Accurate and Reliable Titration Results

Eliminates errors in manual processes and operator interpretation

Pre-programmed titration methods automatically detect endpoints and perform calculations

High resolution electronic burettes with 20,000 steps

Automatic sample preparation using embedded peristaltic pumps

High performance probes for reliable measurements

Easy to Use for all Operators

Press one button to get the correct result

Operators of all skill levels can get accurate measurements

No need for custom programming with Hach’s unique application specific routines

Simple user interface with large color display that shows the titration curve as it is measuring

USB ports to quickly and easily capture data to a PC and attach optional keyboard/mouse or printer

Low Cost of Ownership

Reduces the amount of reagent used for every titration cutting cost of ownership month after month

Increases lab throughput by allowing operator to prepare next sample while titrator performs measurement

Adding an AS1000 sample changer allows the operator to load multiple samples and come back for results later

Improves Lab Safety

Minimizes direct contact with reagents

No need for potentially dangerous colored indicators

Instrument can be easy and safely moved thanks to the compact design

Low Maintenance

Reliable design significantly reduces downtime

Extended periods between maintenance routines

Maintenance is simple and easy to perform
Application:Maximum number of applications: 10b

Automatic Reagent Addition(s):Integrated peristaltic pumps for reagent addition

Beaker Volumes Accepted:System specific beakers: Polypropylene, 50 mL & 150 mL with clips
Generic beakers supported: Up to 250 mL low form glass


Burette: Volumes Available:2.5/5/10/25 mL, ISO8655-3

Burette Motor Resolution:20,000 steps with electronic µstepping technology (128 µsteps/step)

Calibration:Titrant & electrode (up to 5 buffers in Auto Mode, fixed & user defined)

Calibration Curves Display:Direct & derivative titration curves, electrode calibration curve

Calibration Intervals/Alerts/Reminder:Yes, user defined period

Certifications:Safety IEC/EN 61010-1; EMC IEC/EN 61326-1

Data Export:On USB Key, CSV type, Excel compatible.

Data Memory:Last 100 samples, QC & blank analyses, last 10 calibrations

Data Storage:Date, Time, Operator IDs, Sample IDs

Display Type:5,7"; Graphic colour; VGA

Electrode:IntelliCAL (Plug & Play" digital), analog, photocolorimetric; 2 inputs available"

Embedded Procedures:Tubing bubble purging, reagent priming, burette and pump replacement

Installation Category:Category II

Languages:English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Maintenance Scheduler:Yes, user defined

Material Enclosures:PP Latene, Silicone, Hardered Glass, POM, Stainless steel. Splashproof design

Measurement Method:Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetric

Measurement Modes:End Point, Inflection Point - Sample, Blank, Sample with Blank, QC Sample, QC Sample with Blank


Operating Conditions:15 - 35 °C (59 - 95 °F), 20 - 80 % RH, non-condensing

Operating Humidity:20 - 80 % (non-condensing)

Operating Interface:Soft keypad (silicone)

Operating Temperature Range:15 - 35 °C (59 - 95 °F)

Output:Electrode ports (x2), USB (x2), Serial (x1), Ethernet (x1)

Made InUSA

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